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A bold digital marketing and brand strategy agency for freedom loving organizations, campaigns, and brands.

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What we do_


Digital Marketing and
Brand Strategy

  • Reach a larger audience across various online channels increasing online exposure and visibility.
  • Create more effective engagement by defining your target audience.
  • Boost conversion rates through targeted traffic while building positive brand reputation, credibility, and trust among your audience.

Media Coverage
and Advertising

  • Increase brand exposure among a wider audience while overcoming media bias by being featured in strategic online publications, TV, radio, podcasts or through digital advertising channels.
  • Build credibility and brand authority, establishing your brand as an industry expert, building trust with customers and ultimately driving revenue.
  • Influence consumer perceptions and build trust with well executed positive media coverage, making your audience more likely to consider opening their wallets.

Web Design
and Online Strategy

  • Enhance your online presence and accessibility with a well designed website, providing your audience with 24/7 access to your brand, products, and services.
  • Improve user experience and engagement, increasing the likelihood of conversions and customer retention.
  • Reach a wider audience and attract new customers by ranking higher in search engine results despite censorship bias, making you more discoverable to potential customers.

Video Production

  • Increase engagement and attention, leading to longer website visits, higher click-through rates, and improved conversion rates.
  • Convert more customers through powerful visuals, by allowing viewers to have a stronger visual and more powerful understanding of your offerings.
  • Enhance an emotional connection and create brand loyalty by creating a personal experience for your audience that leads to boosting revenue.

Social Media
and PR Strategy

  • Create compounding growth by amplifying your reach to potential customers who may not be reached through other traditional marketing channels.
  • Provide a direct line of communication with your audience and offer opportunities to engage with them, share valuable content, and promote all you have to offer.
  • Lead to exponential revenue growth by gaining media coverage, positive reviews, and securing partnerships that can further expand your brand’s reach and credibility.

Fundraising and

  • Significantly influence conversion rates as attendees develop a deeper understanding and human connection to your cause.
  • Showcase impact and create a sense of urgency through compelling stories, testimonials, or live events, motivating your audience to take immediate action.
  • Cultivate a community to create long term supporters by creating opportunities for attendees to feel a sense of belonging and emotional attachment by getting involved.

$20M +

Funds Raised

200 +

Videos Produced

5M +

Top Social Media Post Impressions

Your Mission is Our Mission + -

Your brand is as unique as your DNA and that includes the unique mission of your organization. That's why we obsess with building powerful strategies built to create undeniable growth.

A Sneak Peek Into Our Process + -

Creating a thriving and powerful brand is an immersive experience that dives deep into why your brand exists in the first place, what separates you from your competition, and what triggers your audience to get excited about you.

Bold Solutions + -

When it comes to the intersection of freedom and business, we're the squad you want on your side. It takes a fearless mindset to face today's competitive online challenges and the only way to win is having a proven and unstoppable strategy.

Be So Good They Can't Ignore You + -

Having a powerful digital strategy is the final component for your brand to consistently produce high quality value that exceeds your audience's expectations; creating trust, a competitive edge, and positioning your brand for long term success and growth.

"I have known Andrea for more than a year now in many capacities, as a friend, business associate and most currently as the events coordinator for a large organization I am involved in. Her wealth of knowledge is impressive. She has the people skills and connections to pull off large events, all the while making it seem effortless, no small feat! I would not hesitate to use Andrea in my own business or recommend her to yours."

- Valerie Fiannaca - Co-Owner Sparks Florist

"I can't tell you how much we appreciate your expertise, patience, and diligence in building this website for us!!"

- Education Crusade -

"Frankie is straight to the point with a laser focus but is also so personable that you feel welcomed and not so anxious to about asking questions. Nothing else comes close to what Frankie provides!

- Steve Soucy -

"Andrea is the absolute best. She is extremely organized and efficient. I am using Andrea to promote all of my events and I love working with her."

- Stephanie Phillips for Senate -

"Andrea and her team are incredibly effective and professional. They have been a great asset for me and I am happy to recommend them."

- Attorney Thomas Renz -

"Andrea was a fantastic campaign manager for my Gubernatorial race, which was one of the most successful grassroots campaigns in the history of Nevada. The success we had was due in large part to her hard work, team building, and marketing expertise. I highly recommend her and look forward to working more with her in the future."

- Joey Gilbert - Candidate for Nevada Governor


At Awex Marketing, it’s no game for us when it comes to empowering freedom-loving brands to fearlessly conquer their industries, even in the face of constant censorship, to defy unique challenges, amplify their voices, and achieve unprecedented success.

Join us in defying limitations and unleashing the full potential of your brand.

awex marketing joey gilbert andrea wexelblatt

Marketing and Political Consultant

Andrea Wexelblatt

awex marketing frankie rodriguez speaking live in Salt Lake City

Brand Strategist/Web Design

Frankie Rodriguez

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    bold content monetization agency for freedom loving organizations, campaigns, and brands.